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TrayPing is a small tool that monitors the incoming/outgoing tray icons for Outlook. It is particularly useful when you have a lot of email messages in your tray and it is usually the number of simultaneous processes that can trigger an issue.TrayPing is a small program that is working as a tray application but, as its name suggests, it monitors the incoming and outgoing icons on the tray. You can do it real-time using the tray's Windows icon to check the status of email messages and receive notifications on email status changes.TrayPing can also set a scheduled task to periodically take a snapshot of all email messages in the tray.How to use it?Installing TrayPing on your computer is pretty easy. To add TrayPing to the tray, go to "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Programs" and add TrayPing.exe to the "Startup" tab. Click OK to confirm and you're done.You can also use TrayPing directly from the command line. Simply download the application, extract the files to your hard drive, and double click TrayPing.exe. The application will run on its own, after which you can press ESC to return to the prompt.Here's a tip. To hide the TrayPing icon from the tray, click the "Cancel" button and move the control to somewhere else, like the taskbar. From there, right click on the icon and click "Disable". You can easily put TrayPing back to the tray by opening the control again.You can also use TrayPing to monitor not only email but any other program that has an attached icon to the tray.If you're a Windows user and like to stay connected to the world, then why not check out Ostatic! (Free Internet Speed Test Tool).It can tell you how fast your Internet connection is. You simply need to sit through the system requirements and you'll find out all you need to know to access the web in no time at all.It's very simple to use, and can also be used to help diagnose a slow Internet connection. It's one of the few tools you'll ever need!So why not download?There is no catch. You'll need to sign up for an Ostatic account, and in return you'll enjoy unlimited access to their awesome program.If you use a Mac, then MacBar (Free MacBar) is an extension that enables users to use the right-click context menu for search and 08929e5ed8

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