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 . . sees Scrubs, it will be in standard definition. The first season of the sitcom Freaks and Geeks has been shot entirely on 35mm film and never digitally scanned to HD. Possibility of frame size change In June 2012, Sony announced that the HDTV standard will be changed from 1080p to 854p, cutting the horizontal resolution to 16:9. This means that most film and TV shows will have to be shot in two formats: 1920x1080 pixels (in 4:3 aspect ratio) for the current TVs, or 1280x720 pixels for the new TVs. If the picture is shot and edited with the new TVs in mind, the 480i aspect ratio will be visible. This means that, in addition to the change of aspect ratio, the size of the frame of the picture will be changed. For example, using 1:1.33 compression, the frame of film is 0.2825 mm wide, while using a 4:3 aspect ratio, the frame is 2.3524 mm wide. The new HD standard has a similar change in the frame. The frame of the new format is 0.6246 mm wide. The 1:1.33 compression still produces a 50% size loss, so the film frame is 0.1562 mm wide, or 23.24% wider than the new HD standard. Conversely, the 480i standard has a similar change in the frame size. The frame of the 480i standard is 1.0415 mm wide, which is 95.78% wider than the new HD standard. The only format not affected by this change is 854p 4:3 standard definition, which is only 0.4849 mm wide. Video compression ratios 1:1.33 4:3 (doubling the frame size) 2:1 4:3 4:3 (not using doubling) 8:3 (doubling the frame size) 4:3 The last three are what will be seen on current television sets, including the HDTV standard. These are how people watch video with their current television sets. The first two are how the video is edited. The first is the format of the video before the file is compressed. The second is the format of the file. The first two are the



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Scrubs Season 1 720p Download 206 syregene
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